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  • I had this endgame with Black and it
  • is White's turn. Off hand this
  • looks
  • like a draw and I agreed to a draw
  • because I was in time trouble. But
  • it
  • turns out that Black has the
  • opposition and wins easily.

  • Some of the variations I will leave
  • as an excercise to the reader. It
  • can be quite a pleasure to figure
  • these out for yourself.
  • QUIZ:

  • What should black do now?

  • The problem that White has is that
  • his king must give ground.

  • The next move is critical
  • QUIZ:

  • What should black do now?

  • Now all of White's choices lose. If
  • 1. Kf3 Kd3. If instead 1. Ke2 e4
  • wins!
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