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  • #2
  • Here is a more complicated version of
  • "related squares" like position #1.
  • In this starting position is it
  • white's turn to move and the square
  • d5 that the black king is sitting on
  • is related to the square e3 where the
  • White king sits.

  • #2 continued
  • I will also tell you that the square
  • f6 for black is related to the square
  • g3 for white because black needs to
  • get his king into a drawing position
  • if White plays h4. (After h4 gxh4+
  • Kxh4 then Kg6 draws!)

  • #2
  • But white can win from this position
  • by playing a trianglulation move at
  • some point. For now I am going to
  • leave this as an excercise for the
  • reader (or the reader's computer.) I
  • may elaborate more on this position
  • in a futre version of the book.
  • (Hint: If white can reach the same
  • position with Black to move then he
  • wins the game.)
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